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Social Networking Sign

Social Networking Sign

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Grow your business with our NFC sign plaque to advertise your social media and use to direct customers to your, website, WhatsApp YouTube video or your contact information.

Ideal for pop up shops, markets and fairs and makes a stunning visual for a counter or reception desk - have any url you like added to the sign!

Instagram and Facebook account names can also added if required.

Does not require batteries or power cables. The scanning phone powers on the NFC when it is placed near the sign.

Examples of use:

  1. Special offers
  2. Mailing list form.
  3. Meet the maker video.
  5. Social networks
  6. Website

Dimensions: 28cm tall, 26cm wide,  9cm deep (base front to back)

Material: Birch and PLA. The 'Social' text is 3d printed and can be different colours if required. The body and base are made from high quality birch.

Instructions on how to reprogram the NFC chip on the sign will be provided.

Check out a SumUp Air Stand.

If you would like a more customised sign, please contact me for more details.


Top Quality Birch Plywood

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