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Personalised King Of The Grill Cutting Board

Personalised King Of The Grill Cutting Board

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Rule the grill with our Personalised King of the Grill Cutting Board! This bamboo board features an engraved image of a grill and accessories and can be personalised with a message from a loved one. Professionally engraved to ensure a long lasting personalised gift for a BBQ fan. 

Show Dad he's the real BBQ boss this Father's Day.

Available in 2 sizes:

Large: 39.5cm x 28cm

Medium: 29cm x 20cm (shown in photo)

Care Instructions for your new bamboo cutting board:

  1. Hand Wash Only: Always wash your bamboo cutting board by hand using warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Avoid soaking it in water or placing it in the dishwasher, as this will cause warping and cracking.

  2. Dry Thoroughly: After washing, immediately dry your cutting board with a clean towel. Make sure to stand it upright or on its side to allow air circulation and ensure it dries completely.

  3. Oil Regularly: To keep your bamboo cutting board in top condition, apply food-grade mineral oil or bamboo conditioner as required. Rub the oil in using a soft cloth and let it soak in for a few hours or overnight before wiping off any excess.

  4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep your cutting board away from extreme heat or cold, including direct sunlight and hobs. Extreme temperatures can cause the bamboo to warp or crack.

  5. Use Both Sides: Alternate between both sides of your cutting board for display and use. The engraved side should be for display purposes.

By following these simple care instructions, you can maintain the beauty and functionality of your bamboo cutting board for years to come!



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