Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Dave and I'm the sole person behind My Digital Cottage.

After tripping over many hurleys and being unable to find a compact storage product I set about designing my own. The wall mounted hurley holder was born and I purchased a 3d printer to produce them.

A few more 3d printers and a laser engraver later I now design and produce many more functional and personalised products. All products are produced by me in my little workshop in Cork, Ireland.

Working with local businesses I have manufactured items such as:

  • custom machine parts
  • tools and tool storage solutions
  • repair components for discontinued products
  • museum replica pieces
  • product display stands
  • custom storage products 
  • custom wedding and event accessories
  • product manufacturing
  • rapid prototyping

The latest addition to my workshop has been a laser engraver with allows me to offer many personalised items from custom ornaments and engraved pencils to personalised wall art and product display stands. 

If you have a need for something to be personalised by engraving, a product idea that you need to prototype or a discontinued broken item that just need a plastic part then I would be delighted to help you out.